Vancouver IMPACTFest

today September 12, 2023my_location3800 Wesbrook Mall - Vancouver, BC V6S 2L9


Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference

An educational workshop and conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver IMPACTFest is the “first of it’s kind” educational and engaging conference to showcase the latest emerging technologies of; Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR).

The Vancouver IMPACTFest includes in-depth educational workshops designed to inform business leaders, educators and youths on emerging technologies.

The Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference will:

* Provide inspiration to the local community for new technologies.
* Educate and inspire students, and disadvantaged and disengaged youths.
* Showcase the latest emerging tech for people with disabilities.
* Provide virtual reality experiences and games to entertain all ages.
* Present projects from local students in; VR / AR.
* Award scholarships and internships to local students and youths.
* Provide opportunities for local businesses, educators and youths to present their projects to a global audience.

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We are also hosting other conferences across the world including the United States and Canada.

Begin September 12, 2023 H 9:30 am
End February 16, 2023 H 6:30 pm
Location 3800 Wesbrook Mall - Vancouver, BC V6S 2L9
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